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Can I block Joan of Arc from stealing my card?

Yes. You can use Global Intervention to block the steal and it would still count as one of Joan's 3 steals.

How does Attila the Hun work?

Atilla is treated as an Army of 5, an Attack Card, and a Continent Card all at once. Instead of using an Attack Card and your Army, you can use Atilla without fear of losing Army Strength. Atilla is really helpful when attacking a continent that has amassed a large Army 

Can more than one Famine be used on the same Continent Set?

No, but two can be played on the same player.

I must discard but I have only General and Continent Cards which cannot be discarded?

You are either really lucky or evil; If you have used all of your Actions, you must play Continent Cards from your hand until you are below the hand maximum. 

I Attacked, they used Weather. Can I use Global Intervention to still Attack?

Yep! Playing Global Intervention would also not cost you an Action. Both cards would be discarded afterward.

Can I use Weather twice to avoid an Attack completely?

No. Weather only disrupts the initial Attack. If they play another Attack Card, you may use another Weather. If Weather moves an Attack to another player, that player may also use Weather to pass it to the next player.

Can I use Global Intervention when Global Intervention was used on me?

No, the council has already made their decision

Is my Continent with Continental Immunity safe from Weather?

Yes! Treat your cards that have Continental Immunity as if they are not there. Action Cards have no effect on them, Weather would move to a different Continent Set, or even a different player.

Rules: Frequently Asked Questions and Unique Scenarios

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