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History's greatest Generals are back and competing to create the largest empire across the globe! Using their skills, can you be the first to build an empire?

Conquest: Global Shuffle is an easy to learn strategic card game of world domination. Centered around territory and military management, Conquest recreates the feeling of epic war games but is played in under an hour. 


For 2-5 players


30-60 Minutes 

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Build Your Empire Through Continent and Army Cards


Attack and Disrupt Your Opponents

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Complete Continent Sets to Establish Your Empire and Win the Game!



Conquest: Global Shuffle was inspired by long arduous territory collection games of strategic warfare; we wanted to recreate that feeling, but have it take under an hour rather than an entire afternoon. The game is currently available for purchase at a few store around Edmonton and Calgary, as well as directly through our social media pages.

The silver lining of the pandemic is that it led to the advent of Conquest, as well as providing the time for countless hours of development and play testing. The game is currently available at a few stores around Alberta, and after the initial print has been completed stay tuned for the next steps. please Subscribe, Follow and Like our social media and when the game gains enough ground, join the eventual Kickstarter Campaign!

The Minds Behind Conquest:

Landon McLean: Lead Game Designer

Katrina Bruin: Editor and Game Design

Milton Das: Illustrations

Recent Announcements

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Now Available at the Sentry Box in Calgary

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